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Episode 3 – Where no man, woman or skirt has gone before.

So as we all know, lithium is a real thing, element LI – wiki info here

In Star Trek, we have dilithium (which also exists in the real world but alas doesn’t do warp drive) and it powers the faster then light warp travel – Dilithium wiki entry

ESP (or if you recall Mean Girls- ESPN) lets you um… have god-like powers apparently…. and is part of standard measurements for all Starfleet personnel.  Which is not surprising, i mean later on on B5, they measured peoples TP and TK ratings…  yay scifi tropes!

Kirk’s Middle name – Tiberius – which we mentioned here, as the tombstone mistakenly lists the middle initial as R comes from his grandfather.  Tiberius Kirk  Many a fake database entry have that name for testing purposes!


We rated this episode at 5 Phases, set to stun.  It was… meh.


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