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Episode 4 – The Naked Time

Welcome!  This is the one with the epee!! 😀

First though , a link to Discovery – which we will watch despite the paywall i am sure.  No ABC.  sigh.  Diana was totally right, CBS.  w00!

Babylon 5 episode Anna mentioned – Soul Hunter




Oh hey.  So “they kept sitting like they didnt care”  lets chat a bout Miranda and firefly and the kabbalah legend? http://distributedrepublic.net/archives/2005/11/30/serenity-joss-whedon-s-diatribe-against-consequentialism/


Here is the highly futuristic techinical doohickey Spock is using – Jeppesen CSG-1P Slide Graphic Computer



Phasers on stun – 2

Phasers on kill – 0

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